Monday, February 05, 2007

Save me, Lord!

These 3 simple yet powerful words which I pondered about tonight.

"29 "All right, come," Jesus said. So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. 30 But when he looked around at the high waves, he was terrified and began to sink. "Save me, Lord!" he shouted." Matthew 14:29-30 (NLT)

The first 3 words that came out of Peter's mouth when he felt himself sinking into the sea.

He could have blurted out other words like:-

"Quick James! Throw me the float!"
"Oh S***! I'm going to die!"
"God, how could you let this happen?!"

Instead of turning to his friend for advice or complaining about his life or blaming God for everything, he sure made a smart move by yelling, "Save me, Lord!" Because instantly (some version - immediately / without hestiating) Jesus reached out his hand and grabbed him. I wonder what Jesus would have done if Peter had shouted something else. Could Jesus have left him sinking until he shouted the 3 'magic' words?

Too many times I have done and said many things EXCEPT for the 3 words - "Save me, Lord!" God is gracious of course. I'm still alive so far. However, I do remember a vivid moment where I did shout out "Jesus, help me!". It was during the time when the fearless part of me took a vacumn cleaner and tried to suck that puny bee(or some other insect) hive which was just right outside my window. The moment I turned on the vacumn cleaner I shouted "Jesus help me!" Nevermind that it wasn't such a big bee hive and that no bees came out to sting me. It was the moment that I shouted the 3 words that I felt as though my life has paused for a few seconds (like you see in the commercials) and I felt God telling me that this is how earnest he wants me to cried out to Him whenever I need Him as though my whole life depended on Him.

Sure, it wasn't a nice feeling for Peter to have Jesus reprimand him for his little faith.

31 Instantly Jesus reached out his hand and grabbed him. "You don't have much faith," Jesus said. "Why did you doubt me?" Matthew 14:31

Ouch! How hurtful can it be to hear Jesus speaking so bluntly. The pride, the I-thought-I-was-full-of-faith self came crashing down. But I rather have a God who save me first and then reprimand me (for He corrects those whom He loves) than have a God who point His finger at me and said 'You should be ashamed of yourself for being so faithless and I'm not going to help you because of that'.

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble" Psalm 46:1 (NIV)

How great is God who is ever ready (instantly, without hestitation, immediately) to help when we cried out to Him. Help me, Jesus!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Don't despise small prayers..

because we serve a Big God.

I knocked off at 4.15am and was about to go home. Just before I left the office building I said a short prayer to God hoping that I don't have to wait very long for a nice and comfy cab to bring me home.

Within minutes as I strolled along the road outside my office I saw a yellow top cab about 30 metres behind me waiting at the traffic junction. I was about to wave my hand and signal for it to come over when suddenly there was a cab which was about 20 metres infront of me reversing his cab and stopping right infront of me. Guess what? It's a Mercs cab! I hop on the cab and reach home within 20 mins. :-) Felt so pampered by God. I was satisfied with a yellow top cab (let's just say I'll be satisfied with any cab that comes by way at that hour in the morning) but God provided something bigger and more comfortable for me. God is soooo goood!

Friday, December 15, 2006

I could sing of Your love forever

Over the mountains and the sea
Your river runs with love for me
And I will open my heart and
let the Healer set me free.

I'm happy to be in the truth
And I will daily lift my hands and sing
I will sing of when Your love came down

I could sing of Your love forever
I could sing of Your love forever
I could sing of Your love forever
I could sing of Your love forever

O I feel like dancing
It's foolishness I know
But when the world has seen the light
They will dance with joy
like we're dancing now.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Let it snow.. let it snow.. let it snow..

Who says we can't have beautiful christimas decorations just because there's no budget for it?!

We made these lovely snow flakes simply out of plain white paper in the office! Together with my recycled silver ribbons it just make the whole office seems like snowing already!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Do dreams really mean something?

I just thought this one does.

I was standing at the traffic light junction. Somehow the traffic light stand was so tall that I can't seem to tell whether it's green or red light. In my mind I was thinking, if only I can hear the signal then I would know. I started shaking the traffic light stand hoping it would give out some sound (not sure why I think it will work this way??!!). Nothing happens. Then I saw a switch just beside the traffic light stand. It was those flip up and down kind of switch. It was white in colour. Two switch to be exact. One was flip down and the other was flip up (meant for the other road's traffic light -which btw does have sound coming out of the traffic light). I thought to myself, isn't the switch for my side of the traffic already flip down (which meant turn on)? I tried to flip it up. I think I seem to hear some sound (which seems to be spoken in korean!?) coming from the traffic light stand finally. I then realise, oh... to flip up means to turn on and to flip down means to turn off. The end.

I don't usually keep a dream log unless it seems to be important. This one seems so.

Key Points:-
Traffic Lights - Green or red? Signify if it's 'OK' to go or to stay.
Sound - why did I wanted to hear rather than to see?
Switch - the solution to my problem. I just need to flip it up.

In the end, I didn't see whether it's green or red light. It doesn't seem important in the dream. It was the switch that seems to be more significant. And finding the answer to flip up the swtich was more important. Hmm.. can't think of an exact intrepretation yet. Need to ask God for wisdom!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

몰라요. 정말몰라요…

몰라요. 정말몰라요…
우성아, 지금 어디에 있어요?
나 너에게 e메일를 못 보내서 내가 기분이 좀 이상해지기 시작했어요.
아마 네가 정말 보고 싶어해요?
몰라요. 정말몰라요…
아무도 너를 못 대신해요. 알아요?

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I have a choice...

and so I choose..

"I will praise you, LORD, with all my heart. I will tell all the miracles you have done. I will be happy because of you; God Most High, I will sing praises to your name." Psalm 9:1:2 NCV

HAPPINES IS.... The Right Kind of Input - Dr A R Bernard

Your Input determines your Output. - Isn't that what the IT freaks always say?

As I'm writing this, I vaguely remembered what Dr A R Bernard said. He mention something that The external Input + our internal processing = Output. Recently I hasn't been producing the right kind of output. There's nothing but lamentations and complains that proceeds out of my mouth. Affected by the kind of input? Definately. Internal processor not functioning as sharp? Perhaps. That explains the quality of output I'm getting. With every wrong kind of input I realise l need to have double dosage of God's word to neturalise it. And I need the Holy Spirit to pour the anointed Oil into my life so that my processor doesn't turn rusty. Argh! How I need you, God!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Vanity strikes in the night

This is what happen when you have to cover your colleague's shift and work throughout the night... when all else is quiet and not much work is left......

Vanity will strikes and this is what you get!

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Good Buy..

There are 3 good buys in Korea worth mentioning.

1) 모자 - Caps
There are colourful, fashionable with all sorts of style and they are everywhere! I realise most younger Koreans like to wear something on their head. Best of all, they are cheap too! I can't resist and bought 2 myself and it cost less than $20 each!
어떻게? 예뻐요? ^^;

2) 화장품 - Cosmetics

I'm referring to Korean Brand Cosmetics. Trust me, I have check out the price. I bought a two-way cake and it cost about $30 in Singapore while I bought it for only 9,900 won (S$16). It's almost half the price! And check out these mask.It's $3.65 each in Singapore and I bought it for about 1000 won (S$1.60)!!! Heehee, I bought about 20 pieces of mask back. That would probably last me for about 5 months before I return to Korea again! 그러게!

3) 아이스크림 - Ice Cream

I love Korean Ice Cream! There are the strawberry yoghurt ones, kiwi flavoured ones, green tea, vanilla with red beans on top... yummy, yummy... and they all cost less than 1000 won each! I can't that many kinds of varieties and with that price in Singapore. Slurp! 맛있어요!!


and one last thing worth mentioning - 액세서리 Accessories. There are not exactly cheap but it's mind boggling just to see them. There are really stunning looking and there must have been at least thousands and thousands kind of designs! I bought these cute pair of bear earrings for 10,000 won (S$16). I guess it's worth the buy hur?

Thursday, September 28, 2006


I having a hangover... I'm not used to the weather back home and it's only been 8 days. I woke up this morning half expecting a morning call from the hotel and I swear I can almost hear my Ajjoshi tour guide's voice at the back of my head!

Subconsciously, I'm looking at the clock and wondering what time is it in Korea now. I'm missing the cool breeze already. And the food, the people.. I miss KOREA!!!

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